It was a normal Friday morning. I got up quite perky and ate my biscuits and gravy that my mom had cooked for me. They were very good biscuits, my mom was a good cook. My mother was the best mom in the world, she had long blonde hair and a beautiful smile that was almost a mirror image to mine. I loved her so much.

I left for school. Not long after, my mom left for work. It was a pretty normal morning in school. Teachers asked questions, friends made jokes, i made jokes, we all laughed. Then lunch time came.

My school councler asked for me to go with her to the office. i asked her one time why, but she said nothing. We got to the office, my cousin was in there. I wondered what I did this time to get myself into trouble. I asked what I did wrong, again I got silence. My cousin reached out for my hand, I gave it to him. He squeezed it tight. 

Incapable of keeping my irritation in I finally screeched out “What is wrong!” Emmediatly after, I knew I shouldn’t have said that. My cousin dropped my hand an fell to the ground. He cried and cried for what seemed like ten min. I began to cry from seeing his tears. 

After a while he finally looked up and said “she is gone.” 

I could hear the words but I couldn’t listen. I could shed the tears but I couldn’t let them take me over. I could understand what he meant, but I couldn’t believe it. So many questions fled through my mind, so many thoughts I couldn’t bear to think about. I can’t do this. I can’t. Goodbye. 


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