The suitcase.

 I met a girl once. She had a suitcase. Her suitcase was heavy. 

One day we sat down and looked inside the suitcase. She had a mom, and a dad, and two brothers and a sister inside the suitcase. 

Her mom was caring, and compassionate,  and  weighed  nothing.  Her  sister was just  the same.  

Her two brothers were funny, they messed  with her  all the time but she didn’t mind. They didn’t weigh anything either.

Her dad was a tall man. He had a good heart and really cared for his family. He too weighed nothing.

 We talked about her suitcase and I finally asked her why it was so heavy. Then she pulled out one last thing.

She had a heavy heart. She started to pull things out of her heart. So many things she should’ve said. So many things she wished she could understand. So many words she couldn’t pronounce. They all weighed tons.


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