it is said to be patient and kind.

it will give you hope.

it will lift you high above the clouds then drop you.

it will frustrate you.

it will give you hard ache upon hard ache.

it will make you wanna scream.

it will make you wanna laugh

it will convince you it exists.

it will drag you into its awful trap.

it will confuse you.

you will want it,

you will beg for it.

for awhile it will be so close you think you have it.

so close you believe its all yours.

so close that when it dies it will leave you crushed.

crushed into so many pieces that your heart spreads like dust.

you walk down the street and breath in some dust.

and again it gives you hope that one day your heart will be whole again

it will never be whole again because

it is a cruel thing.

you are the cat and it is  dangling the mouse above your head

just above to where cannot reach it.

and you will never be able to reach it.

over and over again and again this cycle goes on.

so good then even worse than the last time you felt bad.

one day it will be so bad you find the first person that says they can fix it

you feel like its the only thing your worth

so you take it.

and it kills you worse than anything in the world

and its all because you believed IT.


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