real life zombies-Ch1

i have always wondered, while watching zombie movies, that to become a zombie you have to get bitten by a zombie. i never understood watching a bloodied up half-corpse eat another bloodied up half-dead corpse but then somehow the thing the first one was eating is a zombie. how can something alive have all its organs ripped out,(the things it needs to be alive)how does it function? and how did it start in the first place? i mean how can you get a person to rot while still being alive AND get them to go after other humans? How can so many end up limping around, brain not working enough to have emotion but working enough to know it wants human flesh. Is such a disease possible to make? we see animals consume other animals, and there has been people known to eat other people. so how can we destroy the human thought process? How can we turn people into Monsters? how can all this zombie, walking dead stuff be made to be more realistic? and i think the most important question, how will we use it.

in order to create the zombie virus we need A disease that causes flesh to rot an it has to be highly contagious-ebola? Necrotizing fasciitis? human Rabies? what if there is way to combine Necreotizing fasciitis with rabies that will cause people to go crazy. This is it, the beginning of the zombie virus. The problem with the rabies that we know is that it does not cause the craziness like we find in animals. In humans it causes pain and fatigue. also the time for the rabies to actually show up in the host varies between a week to a year. In order to transfer rabies to humans with the same symptoms we would have to modify the disease itself before adding the part that causes rotting flesh, and why not throw in some airborne transmissions. with our medical advancements, we could create human extinction.

zombies in the movies you watch cannot actually exist for obvious reasons,  but a virus that can wipe out the entire world, that is possible. now why in the world would we want to create this? is it just that we crave to watch people die? is it that we anticipate bad news? i mean  our world is full of people praying for war or pretending war doesn’t exist. so lets cause the disease to make them rethink life.

if you liked this intro or have any suggestions, let me know.
im planning to continue this specific story.









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