its your fault.

i could wright and wright forever, but the funny thing about internet and words, is nobody listens. people forget words very easily. people dont care about words. i could tell you i want to die but until i pull the trigger people will say “she needs help” but never do anything about it.

i do want to die. i want to take every pill i find and put it in my mouth, and swallow. i want to get my belt, tie it arround my neck, hang it around my doorknob and slide  down. i want to take a gun a pull the trigger.

you see what i mean? what are your thoughts? i need help? but none of you will do anything. none of you will help. none of you will go to my funeral. you will read my name in the paper and think, oh THEY should have helped her. Tell me im wrong, Tell me tthats not what you think.

Cmon, its what they all think.


7 thoughts on “its your fault.”

  1. Things can be hard sometimes, but don’t give up. Yes, I can’t help you but I can tell you that if you look for it, you may find something good to hang on to. I hope you find strength, love and hope. Take care.

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