We all live for Awhile

Tomorrow morning I will get up and get dressed. I will eat breakfast then my mother will take me and my brother to school. I will arrive at school, and take part in my classes. I will talk to teachers, i will talk to people, i will smile and laugh, i will cry and yell, i will make jokes and i will watch them react. I will go home after school. I will tell my mother the day went well and i will tell my brothers hello. I will walk to my bedroom and place my things down. I will clean the kitchen then clean my room. I will do laundry and ask my mom what else she would like me to do. At night i will go to bed and roll over and close my eyes. I will close my eyes and think about the world and breathe. I will fall asleep. I will fall soundly asleep, and i will never wake up. I have woke up to begin with.


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