golden locks of hunger

Poor prince charming all covered in sweat was on a hunt with his father who is really stuck up because he is rich and a king. you see, the king only had the little prince because the queen wanted a son to take over when they both died. i’m getting distracted…. there they were in the forest on a hunt for anything that moved because what else are you to do when you don’t need a job and they come up on a tower. the tower had no doors or windows that they where able to reach. the prince did however spot a flash of gold locks coming from near the roof. when he looked closer he realised it was hair hanging out of a window.

the prince was so curious about the hair but with his father being stuck up they just went back to the castle. the prince thought all night about the gold locks in the tower and wondered about the hair and thought if he was going to get up there he was going to need a very big ladder.

the next day the little prince spent almost 4 hours building a ladder that could fold up and be easy to transport while still being able to reach the top of the tower. then the prince went back into the forest and searched for the tower again.

he found the tower and immediatly unfolded his ladder and began to climb. when he reached the top, he was suprised to see nothing but fowers and vegitable plants. he climbed inside the room with all the plants and wondered around curious to find where the gold locks came from. as he looked around the room he noticed a small hose and followed it to see where it was coming from. it came from out the window and it brought water in(most likely from a nearby river or pond), “that genious… wait how did i not see this before” the prince thought.

he stopped admiring the hose and remembered what he really came up there for…. the gold locks. he spotted a door he went through the door and there she was.

a fat girl eating tomatos from the plants in the other room. the fact that she was fat was not the thing that really stuck out, it was her hair. the gold locks were her hair and it was beautiful and so long. the prince and the girl hit it off immidiatly, until the prince finally brought up the question “how did you get up here?” she told him the story that goes something like this-

my father hated my mother and forced her into this tower after she got pregnant, you see my father was in a forced relationship due to his father… whats up with all these terrible fathers now a days…… anyways my mother had me and raised me then died and i have no way to excersise and the only thing i can eat is tomatoes, carrots and green beans.

The prince listened closely to the story then kindly asked “what happened to your mothers body? did you cremate her?” That poor prince was never seen again, but the fold up ladder is now on the market for $78.95.


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