safe zone-ch 1

“Don’t screw anything up this year, loser!” My sister always seemed to remind me of every mistake I ever made. I don’t understand why she can’t let things go. Like the time I drowned her turtle, I was an immature 8 year old boy for crying out loud, and I didn’t know the difference between land and water turtles. That was almost 9 years ago, and she still reminds me like it was yesterday. Last year, however, was a different story. It was my first election year.
I pressed the wrong button and somehow it wrote up that i wanted to vote for myself. Everybody knows who everybody votes for, so everybody made fun of me for 3 months after that election.
This year I can’t screw things up, every vote counts, and every vote determines whether we continue the battle against china, or give in and let them take over. I don’t understand why it’s such a big deal, nobody dies anymore in the battles, just our Nunchins. They are robots people, mere toys, not anything I would consider so terrible about losing. It wouldn’t bother me so much at all, except my father is running for the Controller this year.
“Last speech is tonight, it will determine a win or loss. You both need to attend.” My father waited a moment and looked at us, begging for us with his eyes to vote for him, “I know you don’t fully understand what this is all about, I trust you vote for who you truly believe should be Controller.”
He was right, the only thing I really understand about our worlds, is that it’s not like it use hundreds of years ago. Our battles are Nunchin against Nunchin, basically a giant robot against another giant robot. My dad always told me many years ago, people would kill each other in long battles called Wars. He told me how cruel the world, was getting and it made me grateful we don’t have to die anymore. He said we use to only have the earth to live, on but now that less people are dying, our world has gotten over populated so that’s why we invented The Astroworld. The world in space. Other than what my dad told me, I really don’t understand our worlds. At least not yet.


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