safe zone-ch 1 part2

“Beautiful day outside isn’t it folks? We are not here to talk about the weather, we are here to discuss our beliefs. My Opinion is strong in the fact that it is time we let China come in and share our country. We need to embrace them, but stand true to who we are. We need to stay American, but why not let a little bit of new culture come in? I believe it is in our best favor to insure that america can stop destroying our Nunchins and wasting our technology on a battle that we cannot win. Thank you.” I never thought Cwaves had a good way with words, not because he is running again my father, but because his words are unappealing to me.
My Father is speaking next.
“I understand what my opponent is saying.” A shot rang from the back of the crowd, and I watched as blood began to color my father’s suit. I stood motionless for a moment, unsure the moment was really happening. I turned to my mother.
“NOOOO!” my mother screamed and she burst into frantic tears. I too began to cry. People dropped to the floor everywhere, half screaming then dropping to silence as a voice rang above the crowd demanding silence.
“Anybody who makes a sound will be shot on sight.” To prove the threat, a woman in the distance began to cry. not even a moment later, she was shot
7 times until not even baby made a sound. The crowd of thousands, women, children, men, old, and young all lay still on the ground unknowing where the voice came from nor where the shots came from.
An infinity of seconds later, a tall muscular man walked on stage pointing a gun at… “AMY?!” I almost screamed out loud but remembered what happened to the poor women a moment earlier. I had forgotten about my sister, so caught up with dad being shot, and now she is in front of us all with a gun to her head.


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