safe zone-Ch2

Can you ever remember a day that changed your entire life? The day that changed my life was today. The whole world seemed to take it’s time spinning. Seconds took hours. Each moment that went by felt like an eternity of pain and sorrow.
I could see my mom almost let out a cry but before she could make out any sound I grabbed her mouth and held it as tight as I could. I could not handle losing another family member today.
I looked up at my sister, she was crying in front of the crowd as the man holding her whispered orders to a now visible group of tall men in black suits. He reminded me of someone I read about in a book. Evil, Powerful, with an army of monsters willing to do anything for their master. He shouted to us again. “We are not here to be enamies, we do not mean any harm, we are here to put in some order, and help your way of living. We are not with the chinese, but we will be… in touch with them.” He repeated ‘we’ over and over. His words going through my mind like a frieght train hitting a brick wall and I hated it. I wanted to yell at him and tell him to let go of my sister but im smarter than that.
He shouted rules at us.
“you will not be caught outside past 8 P.M. You will listen to my men and give them everything they ask for, they will not ask for much. Last but not least, starting today anybody who tries to escape this city will be shot on site and responsible for the death of Amy Childers daughter of your poor candidate here and my new best friend, and I really hate killing friends. You are now dismissed to go about your daily lives”
I wanted to scream, I wanted to crawl up that stage and rip his throat out. Most of all, I wanted to ruin whatever plans he had going on and get my sister and mother as far away as possible. Plans… the word wrapped around my brain and squeezed tight, what plans could this guy possibly have that requires this specific city, more than that, what did he want with amy?


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